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Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions

A lot of my students ask me all the time, “Shane, how do I go from dreaming, wishing, planning, hoping that my goals will turn out to actually making that happen?”

Good question.

You need a plan

You need a plan, roadmap or a blueprint for something that is going to connect with you and help lay out the journey for you. That’s the first thing. So we’ve got that covered because we created Your Best 90-day Plan. It’s a simple fill in the blank plan that you can take to get you from where you are now and get you from being a goal setter and becoming a goal getter; somebody that actually gets their goals done. But today, I want to share with you a simple little secret. It’s called success depletions; we call them:

Your Success Depletions

Samurai Success DepletionsHere is how it works. You pick the beginning of every month. Every month has New Year’s Day; it’s a chance for you to start over; it’s a chance for you to redeem yourself from the past; just a great chance to cancel out the sins of the past month and the things that you may be have been yourself up about. We all have a ‘should’ list and we all ‘should’ do this and ‘should’ do that, and we ‘shouldn’t’ do this or we ‘shouldn’t’ do that, and we spend a lot of time beating ourselves up about it, so today, release that. Release those ‘should’s’ and let’s start fresh.

How you use success depletions

To deplete something, is to exhaust something so that you can rebuild. Where I originally got this idea many years ago is from my fitness trainer. He talked about depletions. What depletions are is when we got into the gym and had a series of sets that we lift. Let’s take bicep curls.

We would start bicep curls at 35 pounds and do around 10 reps. Then without any rest, we drop the 35 pounds then we go down to 30 pounds, and then we do another 10 reps, and then we drop down to 25 pounds and we do another 10 reps. Then we go down to about 10 or 15 pounds.  On a normal day for me, this would be easy for me to do 80 to 100 reps like that. But when I got to that last set of 10 or 15 pounds and I got to that last five or six at that point just felt excruciating. I said, “why are you making me do this” and he said, “because we have depleted your muscles of all the energy inside of them and all the lactic acid and all that stuff, and we have shredded them and ripped them so that your body is going to go into hyper drive rebuilding and repairing those muscles.”

I thought that’s interesting so why don’t I do that in my life with goal achievement and all the things that I want to get better at? You can do that too, so here is how it works.

Watch the Video now >> Success Depletions <<

New Month, New Opportunity

The beginning of every month signals to you the new opportunity for you. Take that day and set for yourself one simple thing that you are not going to do for that month.

Recently, I might surprise you but I gave up coffee. I don’t drink a lot of coffee but every time I drink coffee, it’s usually mocha. It has to be a typical mocha that you would find in a specialty coffee shop. Not the best drink for you, so I thought let’s just eliminate it from my diet. It’s going to help me with my fitness.  It’s going to help me feel better and I’ll save some money at the coffee shops.  I am a tea drinker at heart so I’ve spent a lot of money on tea and I really enjoy tea. (that’s another conversation for another day)

Last month, I said on the first of the month I’m going to quit drinking coffee. I can order anything else I want. I can have tea, I can have hot cider, I can have whatever but no coffee.

Guess what happened?

From about the first to the tenth of the month it was excruciating pain. There is something inside of us that doesn’t like giving things up easily or postponing things. From the tenth to the twentieth of the month, all of a sudden there was no problem. No problem at all. I just gave it up. It just seemed to magically go away. I didn’t think about coffee, I didn’t have the urge when I was in a Starbucks to go and grab a Grande Mocha, no whip.

Then at about the 20th or 21st day, something weird happened. All of a sudden, I desired coffee again. And then by about day 26 or 27, it went away. Guess what? We have successfully concluded that month and I don’t drink coffee anymore. I can say I don’t drink coffee anymore.

I beat the habit

Now this month, I am working on some other success depletions to give up –  so what about you?

Pick one thing that you maybe want to eliminate and it could be anything; something in the health arena.  Pick a dessert that you’re just not going to eat for the next 30 or 31 days depending on what month we’re on.  I don’t know what it is for you, but take something you’re going to focus on keenly for the next 30 or 31 days that you’re just going to eliminate. Simple as that.

Here is what is going to happen

You are going to finding incredible strength within yourself that you can actually apply to your goal getting ability. You’ll actually make your goals happen versus dreaming, wishing and hoping. After a couple months of this process where you have eliminated two or three things, you are going to feel a lot more powerful and resilient. Think about it…

When you accomplish your success depletions over the course of the next year, you’ll have 12 things that you have successfully eliminated from your life. You will be a much stronger, much happier, much joyful person when you do that. Pick the one thing that’s just really nagging you right now and then go to work and focus keenly on doing other things than that one thing for the rest of the next 30 or 31 days.

Do you want quad results?

Quad results is a term we coined for getting twice as much done in half the time with better results and less stress?

To do this, you add something or some new habit this month while you are working on your success depletion. Add something that you will start doing today every day for the next 30 or 31 days.

For me, this month, it’s actually clearing the clutter.  Every day I’m going to add a few minutes of time each day to making sure that different areas of my environments are looking good and that they are clutter free. It’s easy to just let piles happen. It’s easy to not be as clean or as organized as you want all the time. If you do that, now you’re eliminating something and you’re adding something. Wow, I cannot wait to hear your testimony. In one year you can change 24 powerful things that you can do to magnify your results.

Action Plan

1. Have a plan and make sure you know exactly the road map for the blueprint of where you are going.

2. Pick one thing that you’re going to keenly and intently focus on for the next 30 or 31 days to not do. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your coworkers so that they can support you. For me and my coffee drinking experience, I told people I’m just not drinking coffee this month.  They know me by now and they say to themselves, “okay, great, he’s just not doing it this month.”

3. Pick one thing that you want to start doing more of each and every day. This can be something very small that will have a magnificent effect for you.

Maybe you’re going to be more grateful every day. Maybe you’re going to get up 20 minutes earlier every day.  Maybe you’re going to work out in the morning or go for a walk around your block for 10 minutes every morning.

I heard an incredible story about a nun who was significantly overweight and she just decided that every day, she was going to get up, walk outside of the parish and just walk as far as she could. She got about three and a half to four blocks, just about exhausted and fainted and she returned, but every day she said “I’m going to go 10% further than I did the day before.” Sister Madonna (credit Tony Robbins for telling me this story) at 65 years of age ran triathlons and she has been an incredible athlete.  Now if she can do it, I can do it and you can do it too.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment on the page or find me at Shane Fielder and we look forward to hearing from you and hearing your story. I look forward to hearing from you about what you’re going to eliminate as your success depletion this month. Go for those samurai success depletions, put that power to work for you.

About the Author Shane Fielder

I am a grower of human capability and a business builder. The best part of my life is helping people become stronger and develop their skills, talents and character in order to lead powerful lives. I have had the great privilege to study under some of the greatest minds of business, leadership, health and fitness along with the most talented Martial Arts instructors. My passion is helping people to become even more powerful in life than they already are.

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