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Are you the Master of Elementary School?

Are you the Master of Elementary School? (scroll to the video below for this to make sense) Good question to consider since we are 5% into this new year.  How has the first 5% been for you?  More of the same from last year or have you really tore it up and are blazing a […]

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New Year Resolution Samurai Innovation Training

Forget New Year Resolutions

Forget New Year Resolutions If we can show you a way to achieve more of your goals in the next year than you did in the last year, how soon would you be willing to start? It all starts when you forget about making or setting New Year resolutions. Start with a proven 7 minute […]

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Professional Juggler - Samurai Innovation

Professional Juggler Kinetic Flow

How Do You Become a Professional Juggler? The short answer is that you watch how Billy and Andrew of Kinetic Flow do it.  I met these two amazing guys while they were training on the beach in Waikiki, Oahu in Hawaii. Our behind the scenes video will highlight why they are living their dream as […]

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When Innovation Goes Sideways

What do you do when your innovation goes sideways? Recently, we worked on a Dojo Member training video called the Samurai Value Matrix.  We developed the Samurai Value Matrix tool that you’ll find at the bottom of the page. Our Samurai Value Matrix can really help you think about and expand the value propositions for […]

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Is Your Service This Good?

Is your service at your business or organization this good? The word of the day is Value.  Value is often overlooked in today’s business service delivery.  We often think of delivering value through the end use product, but I will share with you how two amazing bartenders demonstrated excellence while delivering value to their guest […]

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The Innovative Samurai will walk you through your Weekly Plan

Focus on Your Weekly Plan

This Simple 7 Minute Video will Reveal Our Secret Process To Executing an Easy to Use, Realistic, Results Based Weekly Plan For You! Focusing on developing and executing a simple, but easy to use weekly plan will improve your focus and end results that will help you reach your goals, dreams or desires faster.  Play […]

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