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July 28-13-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 16 of 90 Day Goal

26.7% toward the 90 Day Goal

July 28: 9C/49F

A somber morning.  Even the rooster nearby gave out a somewhat half-hearted effort. Mr. Sun is blocked by the purple cloud cover looming in the foreground.  That is okay.  You wouldn’t follow this journey I am on if the sun rose in the same clear way each day. Those pictures would get boring quickly.  This is what makes our 90 day goal exciting.  Your 90 day goal should be exciting as well, otherwise you would quit.

Note this One Goal Getting tactic:

Celebrate -> Document -> Review


This aspect of goal getting makes progress real. So often along your 90 day journey, you feel like you aren’t making any progress and then you quit early.  But what if you have some way of reviewing your efforts?  That is why I am okay with today’s gloomy purple sunrise.

I have many amazing sunrises already captured and when I looked back, this one adds nicely to the collection.  Lets not forget the real reason for the sunrise 90 day goal either.  My main reason is to strengthen my consistency around getting up early and being successful before the world wakes up.  For that, I am achieving and well on my way to my 90 day goal.  I hope the same for you.

Samurai thoughts:

You need a driving reason for the goal along with supporting tactics.  The supporting tactics are the things you will do more of.   Be sure to identify how your actions you will do (taking the picture) supports a secondary benefit of the end goal (getting up early).

July 28-13-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

July 28-13-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

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