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Final 90 Day Goal – 90%

We are in the final stretch of achieving our 90 day Sunrise Goal!

Sept 29 Sunrise Goal is 90% of the way:

This morning we took to finding a new vantage point for you.  We have always sought out this urban sunrise location, but timing is truly everything for this one.  Today we made it.

We went to a secluded area near a local highway.  This is one of the highest points in the west end of Calgary.  We were able to capture Mr. Sun make his sunrise.  The clouds and light rain was fighting us both today.

Ever feel this way when working on your 90 day goals?

  • People getting in your way?
  • The government stifling your progress?
  • Things not happening fast enough?
  • Lack of resources?
  • Lack of time?
  • Lack of the right connections?
  • Lack of focus?
  • Lack of money?
  • Lack of energy?
  • Not organized?

Regardless of what you feel that you’re lacking, you have more than enough right now to make your goals happen.   What we all lack at times is the ability to decide to be resourceful.

If you lack time or the ability to be organized then we have solved that age old problem for you.  Check out how the ultimate information manager will be your number one resource to become the most productive and organized person you know without having to waste a ton of time learning, studying or attempting to master some foreign system.

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In the end we prevailed and got the shot that we were looking for.  Why did it take so long for this to happen?

The answer is that it is easy for us to allow life to get in the way.  I do it and so do you.  The only thing that caused me to finally do it came down to a few simple factors as follows:

  • I have a 90 day goal that is coming close to the deadline on October 9th that I am determined to achieve.
  • Public accountability – you have been following our progress and I don’t want to let you down and I want to be an example of how to be a goal getter.
  • The variety of a new sunrise photo shoot location excited me.  (Variety is truly critical when going after your goals)
  • I chose a Sunday when I knew the highway would be very quiet and the risk of being part of a roadside collision was minimized. (Be successful before the world wakes up)

I hope as I near down to the final stretch of reaching my 90 day sunrise goal that you to are on your way to getting your own 90 day goals done.

Drop a comment below and let me know how we can help you.

Sept  29-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sept 29-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sept  29-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sept 29-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sept  29-3-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sept 29-3-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

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