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Open Your 5 Minute Cl

Cost of Free

The Cost of Free How often do you seek out a free app, template or some other freebies in your online travels? Free is great, but sometimes there is a large cost of free. [ez_box title="5 Minute Clarity Quote" color="orange"] "When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet." – [...] Click Here > Get More

97% of the Sunrise Goal

97% of the goal feels awesome. It will be a close finish to reach our sunrise 90-day goal, but we are prepared for it.  The shots coming in below are from a new location that Samurai Claire showed me on one of our recent early morning hikes.  Samurai Claire has been a faithful companion and […]

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Open Your 5 Minute Clarity Worksheet

Be Someone Great – Do Something Great

Be Someone Great, Do Something Great Those were the words that came from Kenny when I was at his presentation. The order of the phrase is right. In your life, you have to “be” before you can “do”.  So what are you trying to do these days in your life? [ez_box title="5 Minute Clarity Quote" [...] Click Here > Get More

Urban Sunrise Goal

Urban Sunrise Goal Today we come live from an area on the outskirts of downtown Calgary where we ventured to catch the urban sunrise from a different vantage point.  We are now 83% of the way to reaching our sunrise goal.  Thanks to my wife for the suggestion to improve the variety of locations we […]

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Just about 69% of Sunrise 90 Day Goal

We are closing in on 70% of our initial Sunrise 90 Day Goal Aug 30: 14C/58F Breathtaking is how we describe today’s sunrise. Mr. Sun is cresting the hill and shooting out beautiful orange and blue hues. Aug 28:10C/50F Clear as can be. Boring? Leave a comment to let us know below. We change the […]

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Sunrise 33-35 is 58%

We are 58% of the way to reaching our sunrise goal of 60 out of 90 sunrises. Aug 20: 6C/42F Besides the cool temperature today, the sky was crystal clear.  Mr. Sun was well established and shining at his best.  It’s an acceleration and go for it kind of day.  What will you do when […]

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Aug 9-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 25-26 of 90 Day Goal

Can you believe we are 43.3% done on our 90 day goal? Aug 7: 8C/48F This morning greeted us with a pile of rain which does not make for a wonderful sunrise setting.   We were tempted to pass on the photo opportunity in favour of a better morning.   Don’t fall into that trap when you […]

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Aug 3-7-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 21-22 of 90 Day Goal

These Two Sunrises Moves Us to 36.7% of 60 Sunrises! Aug 2: 10C/51F Today is what happens when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your 90 day goal. But skipping the critical action is not for you. It’s better to show up for a short time than no time because you […]

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Aug 1-3-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 20 of 90 Day Goal

33.3% on the way to 60 out of 90 day goal Aug 1: 11C/52F Today was amazingly silent and warm outside.   The sky glowed from our normal deck shooting location as you can see from the evidence of the sunrise that follows. Then Samurai Claire and I went to seek out a new vantage point […]

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July 31-13-4-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 19 of 90 Day Goal

31.7% Feels Great for our 90 Day Goal July 31:7C/43F Last day of July.  Finally, no clouds today. These are the days where we really need to pour it on and go for it.  Today I spent extra time taking in a few extra shots of the sunrise and even headed over to the high […]

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July 30-13-3-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 18 of 90 Day Goal

Massive 30% Milestone towards our 90 Day Goal! July 30: 3C/38F Officially the coldest morning so far.  I beat Mr. Sun this morning up and at it.  The first pictures below shows Mr. Sun hiding behind the hill just before cresting it.  The pictures after show a ten minute delay. When goal getting there is […]

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July 27-13-4-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 15 of 90 Day Goal

25% closer to the 90 Day Goal July 27: 11C/51F Today seemed like an uneventful sunrise on a Saturday.  Tough to pull yourself out of bed early on a Saturday when you had a late Friday night prior like we did. But we did because we were motivated to add a photo under the win […]

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