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90 Day Challenge

I beat my 90 Day Challenge by 2 days! Back on July 8, 2013, I publicly declared a 90 day challenge.  I call it the sunrise challenge. The Goal:   Capture a picture of 60 out of the next 90 sunrises. This goal meant something to me as I know your goals are deeply personal and […]

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97% of the Sunrise Goal

97% of the goal feels awesome. It will be a close finish to reach our sunrise 90-day goal, but we are prepared for it.  The shots coming in below are from a new location that Samurai Claire showed me on one of our recent early morning hikes.  Samurai Claire has been a faithful companion and […]

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Final 90 Day Goal – 90%

We are in the final stretch of achieving our 90 day Sunrise Goal! Sept 29 Sunrise Goal is 90% of the way: This morning we took to finding a new vantage point for you.  We have always sought out this urban sunrise location, but timing is truly everything for this one.  Today we made it. […]

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Sunrise Goal Closing – 88%

We have only 12% left to reach our Sunrise Goal! Sept 28 Sunrise: Sometimes when you go for a goal and you’re working hard, some positive surprises happen along the way.  Chance, luck, coincidence or whatever you prefer finds you when you are taking action on being a goal getter versus a goal setter.  This […]

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73% Pushing the Goal Completion

73% Pushing the Goal Completion Sept 10: These final days we find ourselves in the home stretch of getting our goal done.  60 sunrises in 90 days is the plan.  Here is our evidence from today: Sept 9: Yes it still counts from the interstate!  Some days, you need to do all you can to […]

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Closing in on 75% of the Goal

Closing in on 75% Sunrise Goal is happening. Sept 3:12C/54F Well what can we say about this morning’s sunrise? Not majestic or knock dead gorgeous. But it does count toward our 60 out of 90 sunrise goal because we showed up. The same thing will apply to you if you show up for your goals. […]

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Just about 69% of Sunrise 90 Day Goal

We are closing in on 70% of our initial Sunrise 90 Day Goal Aug 30: 14C/58F Breathtaking is how we describe today’s sunrise. Mr. Sun is cresting the hill and shooting out beautiful orange and blue hues. Aug 28:10C/50F Clear as can be. Boring? Leave a comment to let us know below. We change the […]

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Sunrise 33-35 is 58%

We are 58% of the way to reaching our sunrise goal of 60 out of 90 sunrises. Aug 20: 6C/42F Besides the cool temperature today, the sky was crystal clear.  Mr. Sun was well established and shining at his best.  It’s an acceleration and go for it kind of day.  What will you do when […]

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Aug 1-3-Samurai Innovation Sunrise

Sunrise 20 of 90 Day Goal

33.3% on the way to 60 out of 90 day goal Aug 1: 11C/52F Today was amazingly silent and warm outside.   The sky glowed from our normal deck shooting location as you can see from the evidence of the sunrise that follows. Then Samurai Claire and I went to seek out a new vantage point […]

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July 22-13-1-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 11 of 90 Day Goal

18.3% toward 90 Day Goal July 22: 12C/52F Sunrise 11 out of our 90 day goal is done. This morning I was out at sunrise just to see how the skyline looked.  It takes about 18 minutes for Mr. Sun to crest over the hill by my place.  I was delighted to capture this robust […]

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Sunrise 9 of 90 Day Goal

15% of the 90 Day Sunrise Goal! July 19: 14C/58F Today marks day 9 of our 90 day goal plan. Guess what? I was off 15 minutes this morning to catch the sun crest the hill. New challenge in that the sun is shifting and rising to the right more and the trees are in […]

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July 18-13-2-Samurai Innovation 90 Day Sunrise Goal

Sunrise 8 of 90 Day Goal

Sunrise 8 of 90 Day Goal July 18: 13C/56F Today’s sunrise was partially covered with some clouds which offered a beautiful back drop. An awesome warm breeze rushed through the trees causing a great “swoosh” like sound going back and forth. Regardless of what yesterday brought with all its challenges and opportunities, today is a […]

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