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Mindset Monday - Two rituals you need each day to be highly productive

Episode #20
Two Rituals You Need to Be Highly Productive

Episode 20 Show Notes

What are the two rituals that you need each day to be highly productive?

Also, be highly focused, get going and get your goals accomplished on your terms.

There are two simple things that you can do each day, starting tomorrow morning.

This Mindset Monday will help you make a monumental shift to have better days, better weeks, a better month and ultimately accomplish what's most important to you. We cover in this training:

Designing Powerful AM Rituals (morning)

Each morning brings with it an opportunity to steer your day the way that you want it to happen for you. Some key resources Shane mentioned follows:

Be Successful Before the World Wakes Up

Drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning because it helps your body get revived.

Did you know that:

  • Your muscles are 75% water
  • Your blood is 82% water
  • Your lungs are 90% water
  • Your brain is 76% water
  • Your bones are 25% water

You can see why staying hydrated is so important to keep your body healthy, energized and running properly. The risks of dehydration can be extremely serious. Your body depends on water to survive! Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to work correctly, so if you aren’t drinking enough, make H2O your new best friend.

Source:   https://www.davidwolfe.com/drink-water-first-morning-5-reasons/

Harnessing Productive PM Rituals (evening)

When should you start your evening PM ritual?

How would you like to take every night off from your work?

Checkout our Mindset Monday Episode on the concept of RIPP to help you get the formula to answer this question. RIPP will help you complete your day effectively and on time.

Each day, record and track these three key things:

1. Celebrate the 1-Thing You Did Well

A celebration is you recognizing yourself for something you took specific action toward to accomplish something. Some folks call it a win.

2. What was your Perfect Moment?

A Perfect Moment is something that happens to you that was a special, magical or highly remarkable point of the day. This will help you start to see the trends of where these Perfect Moments happen and who is involved in them. This is powerful, don't underestimate it.

3. Boost Your Leadership Power by asking this key question:

"Who Did You Acknowledge Today?"

It works in your work and personal life too. Shane explains how this principle helped save him $10 at the grocery store.

Make sure to Tune in at the 11:55 minute mark in the video above to see which lady below won the argument.

2 Rituals - Grocery Clerk- Samurai Innovation


2 Rituals - Grandma - Samurai Innovation

Tell us how this will help you build your new rituals

Leave us a comment below and share your current AM or PM rituals that work for you. What did you find most helpful from this training session?

Domo Arigato.

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