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Why You Don’t Get What You Want

Getting what you want can be answered in two simple words: Toleration & Focus “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” – Jim Rohn Over 3 years ago, I purchased our current house. One area of the home that never impressed me was the back yard. For 3 years, […]

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Make Your Next Project Successful!

Your Next Project – Successful! “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” – Peter Drucker Have you ever built your own home or office from the ground up? I recently managed a development of a brand new office space for one of the businesses that I operate.  We were excited […]

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What You Can’t See Yourself

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”- Ken Blanchard I had an interesting experience the other day while teaching at the Aikido dojo I train at.  One of the other black belt teachers approached me and complimented me on a specific technique that I had demonstrated for the group. He commented that he had done the […]

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Starting Over Today

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha Starting Your Year Over In the martial arts, every student I have ever trained with or trained reaches a point of ultimate frustration.  This frustration is born when the student feels they […]

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Is Mastery Hours or Reps?

10,000 Outliers Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book titled Outliers. The basic premise of the book is that to achieve mastery or the highest level of proficiency may require around 10,000 hours of practice or experience. I believe a stronger focus is developed when we focus on the number of repetitions (reps) in order to achieve […]

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Where To Find Innovation

Many business owners and organizational leaders I speak with ask me about innovation.  Ultimately the conversation turns to how the business can create new products and services .  Today’s issue of 5 Minute Clarity covers where to find innovation. Recently I was listening to a Pastor speak about a news story about the toy maker […]

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The last issue of 5 Minute Clarity showed you how to get a higher Return on Focus.  As a business owner or leader, your main work challenges may be found in discovering new processes or tools to increase your productivity for yourself or the people whom you lead.  I want to encourage you with the […]

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Return on Focus

YOUR TOP 3 WORK CHALLENGES Our research at Samurai Innovation clearly concludes that business owners and leaders of all types of organizations share the same top 3 challenges: Lack of Focus Activity & Resource Management Getting Prospects Attention Lack of focus comes from wavering in the continuous stream of diversion and distraction present in business […]

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One Product Innovation

Attention all Business Owners and Business Leaders: Right now your customers and/or clients are looking for one product or solution to solve a pressing problem that they are struggling with.  They would pay handsomely if you could provide that product to them immediately. Often times, we assume we know what our current customer or client […]

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Corrosive Worry

Corrosive worry is deadlier than my sharpest samurai sword! We all worry from time to time. These days, various media perpetuates negativity and worry to the point where it has become corrosive.  Back in March 2009, I decided to adopt this terminology as I realized that much of our worry is like a corrosive acid […]

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3 Words to Avoid

All business owners and business leaders should know these 3 words that need to be carefully considered or avoided. We are excited to bring you another issue of 5 Minute Clarity!  Here is a short poem that I penned for you to consider titled “What You Know”. What you know may be the end of […]

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SIMPLICITY IS POWER & PROFIT As I write this, I am attending a 5 day Aikido seminar being taught by several world famous, high ranking teachers.  One theme that keeps emerging is that of simplicity.  Power comes from simplicity.  Each Sensei at the seminar showcases how the most simple actions and minimal movement can yield […]

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