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Are you the Master of Elementary School?

Are you the Master of Elementary School? (scroll to the video below for this to make sense) Good question to consider since we are 5% into this new year.  How has the first 5% been for you?  More of the same from last year or have you really tore it up and are blazing a […]

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New Year Resolution Samurai Innovation Training

Forget New Year Resolutions

Forget New Year Resolutions If we can show you a way to achieve more of your goals in the next year than you did in the last year, how soon would you be willing to start? It all starts when you forget about making or setting New Year resolutions. Start with a proven 7 minute […]

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This Ninja will Steal Your Productivty

7 Ninja That Steal Your Productivity – Finish Stronger Part 5

7 Ninjas That Steal Your Productivity Let’s get into the seven ninjas. Hopefully, they’re not too scary for you. The ninja for the samurai were the enemy. They were the mercenaries, the people that were hired to go out and cause havoc. Definitely samurai would always watch for these guys. Today your productive ability and […]

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Speed is Perceived as Competence - Samurai Innovation

Speed is Perceived as Competence – Finish Stronger Part 4

There is a big shift that has been coming out in the workplace today and it is a phenomenon that people are starting to assume that speed is perceived as competence. This is not grounded in truth. Today we will show you how to make this emerging phenomenon work for you and help you raise […]

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Badge of Busyness - Samurai Innovation

Badge of Busyness – Finish Stronger than You Started – Part 2

This is the second article in our Finish Stronger than You Started series.  The goal is to help you get to completion of your essential, critical goals that you have set for yourself this year. I can't tell you how many times I go into people’s offices, I meet with clients, I talk with friends [...] Click Here > Get More
Walt Disney Quote - Samurai Innovation

Focus Like a Samurai

Samurai Focus Walt Disney had the confidence when nobody else did to risk it all on building a crazy concept called a theme park. This was Walt’s big, crazy, not-for-him dream. Walt would gauge the value of an idea by how many successive “no’s” or negative comments he received when sharing his idea. When he […]

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Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions

Samurai Success Depletions A lot of my students ask me all the time, “Shane, how do I go from dreaming, wishing, planning, hoping that my goals will turn out to actually making that happen?” Good question. You need a plan You need a plan, roadmap or a blueprint for something that is going to connect […]

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Open Your 5 Minute Cl

Cost of Free

The Cost of Free How often do you seek out a free app, template or some other freebies in your online travels? Free is great, but sometimes there is a large cost of free. [ez_box title="5 Minute Clarity Quote" color="orange"] "When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet." – [...] Click Here > Get More

97% of the Sunrise Goal

97% of the goal feels awesome. It will be a close finish to reach our sunrise 90-day goal, but we are prepared for it.  The shots coming in below are from a new location that Samurai Claire showed me on one of our recent early morning hikes.  Samurai Claire has been a faithful companion and […]

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Open Your 5 Minute Clarity Worksheet

Be Someone Great – Do Something Great

Be Someone Great, Do Something Great Those were the words that came from Kenny when I was at his presentation. The order of the phrase is right. In your life, you have to “be” before you can “do”.  So what are you trying to do these days in your life? [ez_box title="5 Minute Clarity Quote" [...] Click Here > Get More

Final 90 Day Goal – 90%

We are in the final stretch of achieving our 90 day Sunrise Goal! Sept 29 Sunrise Goal is 90% of the way: This morning we took to finding a new vantage point for you.  We have always sought out this urban sunrise location, but timing is truly everything for this one.  Today we made it. […]

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Sunrise Goal Closing – 88%

We have only 12% left to reach our Sunrise Goal! Sept 28 Sunrise: Sometimes when you go for a goal and you’re working hard, some positive surprises happen along the way.  Chance, luck, coincidence or whatever you prefer finds you when you are taking action on being a goal getter versus a goal setter.  This […]

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