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Recover from Awkward Experience and Embarrassing Experiences - Samurai Innovation

Recover From Awkward Experience

Episode #17How to Recover from an Awkward or Embarrassing Experience Mindset Monday – Episode 17 Transcript What was the most awkward experience you’ve recently had in the last couple months?Really think about it, what was the most awkward experience you had. I will share with you a story of the most awkward experience that I […]

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Make better decision today by Samurai Innovation

Stop Making Bad Decision

Episode #16Stop Making Bad Decisions Mindset Monday – Episode 16 Transcript How to rid yourself of poor decisions?How to make better decisions!Each day you and I are both faced with hundreds of decisions that we meet need to make each day just in order to make life work for us. The challenge is when you’re […]

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You Deserve to Matter by Samurai Innovation

Productively Selfish

Episode #15Be Productively Selfish, You Deserve to Matter Mindset Monday – Episode 15 Transcript Are you productively selfish?Yes it’s an odd question. Are you productively selfish? What I’m looking to accomplish today is to show you how we can take three key areas of self-care, self renewal and learn how to create it to be a […]

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Structure Equals Freedom

Episode #14Structure Equals Freedom Mindset Monday – Episode 14 Transcript Here are three words that will change your life today; structure equals freedom. I’m Shane Fielder from Samurai Innovation where we blend the secrets of the samurai with cutting-edge strategies to sharpen you and your business results. Structure equals freedom, let me tell you why […]

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How to be successful before the world wakes up?

Being Successful Before the World Wakes Up

Episode #13Being Successful Before the World Wakes Up Mindset Monday – Episode 13 Transcript Do you want a guaranteed method that will help you accomplish your goals on time every time? I’m Shane Fielder with Samurai Innovation! Welcome to this edition of mindset Monday, At Samurai Innovation we help you blend the secrets of the […]

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Secret to getting what you want faster

Getting more of what you want

Episode #12Getting More of What You Want Mindset Monday – Episode 12 Transcript Want What You Already HaveHow do you get what you want all the time? How do you increase from ambition to accomplishment?  I’m Shane Fielder with Samurai innovation where we blend the secrets of the Samurai with cutting-edge strategies to sharpen you […]

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Create your stress buster menu this week

Stress Buster Menu

Your Stress Buster Menu Mindset Monday – Episode 11 Transcript How many times in the week were you stressed out?It’s a simple question and I know that happens to all of us. Mindset Monday, your week begins now. In those last two or three days, how many times when you were stressed out did you go […]

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3 Practices to Cure Procrastination

Practice Will Cure Procrastination

Episode #10Practice will Cure Procrastination Mindset Monday – Episode 10 Transcript How do you cross the finish line in first place? Every time you start a project you start at the beginning and you want to move to the end of that project and you want to blow through the finish line and end up […]

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How to get more personal energy by Samurai Innovation

How to Get More Personal Energy

Episode #9How to Get More Personal Energy? For this week, ask yourself: Which environments need to be upgraded in my life? Which environments no longer support me the way that I need? Which environments are serving me well? You have environments in the following three key areas of your life. Here are some coaching questions that will help you […]

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What's Your Excuse by Samurai Innovation

What’s Your Excuse?

Episode #8What’s Your Excuse? Mindset Monday – Episode 8 Transcript What’s Your Excuse For Not Getting Your Goals Done?Mindset Monday, your week begins now. Tell me… what’s your excuse? Give me your best excuse. Send me an email. I’d love to hear them. I too like you struggle with telling myself excuses sometimes as to why […]

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Fresh Start-Forced Start by Samurai Innovation

Make a Fresh Start

Episode #7How to make a Fresh Start so you don’t have to make a Forced Start. Mindset Monday – Episode 7 Transcript How to make a fresh start, so you don’t have to make a forced start.How do you make a fresh start so you don’t have to make a forced start? What does that […]

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Goal Accomplished on the Black Rock - Samurai Innovation

Black Rock Goal Getting

Episode #6Black Rock Goal Getting Adventure Viewer Tip:  Wind noise is in this video at certain points.  Click on the CC or closed captions icon to read what Shane is saying at those moments. Go to the edge of your limitsThe 11 minute video adventure today takes you with us on the black rock goal […]

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